Benches & Workstations

  • Performance Track 2500

    Performance Track is a floor based collision repair system. It is both affordable and space efficient and thereby ideal for shops where space cannot permanently be dedicated to a conventional bench system. It can also add additional pulling capability to your shop when you need it. Backed by Car-O-Data, the world’s largest vehicle database, Car-O-Tronic Vision Classic is fully compatible with any alignment system. The Vision Classic software’s InfoCenter provides almost unlimited possibilities for updating vehicle data, receiving news, support and interactive training.

    Quick and easy to install features

    Install the track plate sections in the configuration best suited to your needs. A powerful and flexible 10-ton pulling tower provides 360 degree pulling access.

    Features & Benefits

    • - Affordable and space efficient - ideal for multiple shop layouts where stall space cannot be dedicated to a conventional rack or bench system
      - Fast - chainless anchoring and easy set-ups for pulling allow for quick measuring and repairs
      - Powerful - pulling tower uses standard 10-ton hydraulics and provides 360° pulling access
      - Versatile - reversible bench mountings hold virtually any full-frame car, narrow-frame truck or unibody vehicle
      - Accurate - finely milled steel tracks provide a smooth level surface for to-the-millimeter accuracy
      - Precise information - with accurate, real-time measuring throughout the process when used with the Car-O-Tronic Vision2 Measuring System and Car-O-Data, the world's leading vehicle measurement database

    Technical Data

    Performance Track 2500

    • - Floor track sections                     - B86
      - Pulling Tower                               - D19
      - Bench Mounts                              - B39BR
      - Camlocks                                     - B626
      - Universal Chassis Clamps          - B106
      - Chain with hooks                         - 250mm
      - Anchor Pots
      - Hydraulic Cylinder and Pump      - 10 ton
    • Optional Equipment

    • - Measuring Bridge Support for use with Car-O-Tronic Measuring Systems - M405

      - Chain Holder to lock holding chains of pulling tower                                     - B631
      Needed if floor segments are used instead of anchor pots
    • BenchRack

      Rack Up Your Profits with BenchRack

      A truly universal and versatile addition to any body shop – the BenchRack systems are designed to hold and lift virtually any type of uni-body or full frame vehicle. The unsurpassable BenchRack combines drive-on convenience with a hydraulic lift and removable ramps. Add the tilt feature, which makes loading easier when approach space is limited, and you have a repair bench that can handle everything from slight cosmetic work to full-frame repairs.

      Efficiency at its best

      With BenchRack, you may lift the vehicle when loaded on the ramps or lift the frame on chassis pads leaving the wheels and wheel wells free. All repair and service operations can be performed quickly and effectively using a single set-up. You avoid the unnecessary interruptions that arise when moving the car between different work stations.

      Features & Benefits

      • -VersatileFour lengths, 4200, 5000, 5500 & 6300mm (14, 16.6, 18 21 ft.) – there’s a BenchRack that’s perfect for your shop
        -Powerful- 10 ton draw aligner pulls from almost any angle, 360º around the vehicle
        -Lifting Capacity- 4,200kg (9,200 lbs.)
        -Ergonomic Design - removable ramps allow better access to the vehicle
        -Precise information - with accurate, real-time measuring throughout the process when used with the Car-O-Tronic Vision2 Measuring System and Car-O-Data, the world's leading vehicle information database
        -Effective holding and clamping- with no need for dedicated, vehicle specific fixtures when using the EVO 1, 2 & 3 holding and anchoring system
        -Truck Clamping - accessories provide strong, no-slip, safe holding
        -Flexible Installation - fixed, mobile or pit mountings allows for use in workshop of all shapes and sizes
        -OEM Approved - Meets a majority of OEM equipment requirements
      • Video

      Technical Data

      Lifting Platform

      • - Length                                                                  - 4200,5000,5500, 6300mm
        - Length with Draw aligner                                     - D19
        - Width                                                                    - 1170mm
        - Width with draw aligner                                        - 2295mm
        - Width with ramps attached                                   - 2020mm standard ramps / 2240mm wide ramps
        - Min Height                                                             - 400mm
        - Max Height (floor to top of platform)                     - 1190mm
        - Work Area Size (Draw aligner on both sides)      - 3415mm squared
        - In-Ground Capability                                             - Yes
        - Loading angle                                                        - Bench 2.6*/Driving Ramps 12*
        - Automatic Tilt Function                                         - Yes
        - Milled Surface for Measuring                                - Yes
      • Hydraulics

      • - Pulling Force                                                         - 10 tons (per draw aligner)
        - Hydraulic Pressure                                               - 210 Bar
        - Air Connection Pressure                                      - 10 Bar (max)
        - Lift Capacity (max vehicle weight)                       - 4,200kg(9200lbs)
        - 360* Pulling Capacity                                           - Yes
        - Sound Level                                                         - Below 70db(A)
        - Electrical cable length                                          - 4m
        - Hydraulic hose length                                           - 7m
        - Cable to Control Box                                            - 10m
        - Power                                                                   - 3ph,50hz,200/230/400V // 1ph,60Hz,110/220V
      • Quick 42

        QUICK 42 - Quick Benefits for your Bottom Line

        Quick 42 is a phenomenal, multi-functional bench designed to manage every type of damage productively and accurately. When used together with one of the Car-O-Tronic Measuring Systems and the EVO Universal Anchoring and Holding Fixture System, Quick 42 easily handles not only cosmetic but also structural repairs of damaged vehicles.

        Quick Repair Process Guarenteed

        Fast set-up, easy access, on-wheels measuring, quick anchoring and adjustable working height are some of the Quick 42 features that measurably decrease repair time. Cosmetic repairs can be made while the vehicle is still on its wheels. And if structural damage is discovered, the repairs can begin immediately without changing benches.

        Features & Benefits

        • - Universal set-up — reduces time, cost and space
          - Integrated power unit — increase safety by keeping the floor clear of hydraulic and air lines
          - Lightweight, removable ramps — for easy vehicle access
          - Powerful 10-ton draw aligner — with multi-angle pulling and 3600 access allows the technician to access the vehicle from just about anywhere
          - Compatible with EVO 1, 2 & 3 and the Car-O-Tronic electronic measuring systems giving you a total solution for all collision repairs
          - Flexible installation — fixed, mobile or pit mountings makes it easy to fit into any workshop
          - OEM Approved — meets most OEM equipment requirements further increasing your workshops's offering and your profits



      • Mark 6

        Car-O-Liner’s Mark 6 bench is designed around the idea that the more flexible a collision repair system is, the more productive it will be. With a series of configurations to choose from, Mark 6 offers flexibility in getting the combination of equipment best suited to your business.

        Drive-on Capability Reduces

        Mark 6 is a mobile bench system with the added convenience of drive-on mounting. Simply roll/drive the car over the lifting platform (minimum height is 200 mm). Moreover, the vehicle may be quickly raised to the most comfortable height (up to 1362 mm) for each repair operation. These ergonomic features increase efficiency and offer a productive working environment for the technicians.

        Features & Benefits

        • - Universal - for cars, vans, light trucks and SUVs
          - Strong - lift capacity of 2800 kgs / 6,160 lbs (max. vehicle weight)
          - Powerful - 10-ton drawaligner pulls from almost any angle 360º around the vehicle
          - Ergonomic - approch ramps that can easily be converted into wheel stands allow drive-on mounting for quick set-up, diagnosis and repair
          - Compatible with EVO 1, 2 & 3 - Universal Anchoring and Holding Systems
          - Precise information - with accurate, real-time measuring throughout the process when used with the Car-O-Tronic Vision Measuring System and Car-O-Data, the world's leading vehicle measurement database
          - Truck clamping - accessories provide strong, no-slip, safe holding
          - Versatile - Interchangeable accessories allow you to build the perfect system for your shop
          - Flexible installation — fixed, mobile or pit mountings
          - OEM approved - meets a majority of OEM equipment requirements


      • Speed & Speed Plus

        Speed - Light but not lightweight

        Speed is one of the most effective lighter weight benches on the market. Packing a 5-ton draw aligner with 2,500 kgs (5,500 lbs.) of lifting capacity, there isn't much that this bench can't tackle in the way of cosmetic damage repair. Speed’s convenient draw aligner can be turned 180º around the platform at one end and tilted 90º horizontally. Once pulling begins, the draw aligner finds the correct position. For more pulling power there is the Speed Plus bench, which allows for the attachment of two draw aligners, one at either end.

        Improved workflow

        Realign cosmetic sheet metal damage and perform other repair and service operations in a single setup with Speed. The Speed alignment bench improves the workflow in your shop as the movement of the car between work stations is not necessary. This increases efficiency and improves turn around time and profits benefitting the work shop as well as insurers and vehicle owners.

        Features & Benefits

        • - Quick set-up time — drive/roll the car over the lifting platform (104 mm resting clearance) - increases your workshop capacity
          - ”Snap-on” 5-ton draw aligner — offers 2,500 kg of lifting capacity and 360o multi-angle pulling - can handle most types of sheet metal damage and cosmetic damage repair
          - Versatile — the entire job can be completed using just one bench, shortening cycle times and increasing profits
          - Two models — Speed and the longer Speed Plus gives versatility to your repair shop
          - Small footprint — makes it the perfect addition to any type of repair/service shop
          - Ergonomic design — easy to reach damaged areas with nearly two meters maximum lift height
          - Two types of installation — above- or in-ground provide the versatility to complete both cosmetic damage repairs as well as other light service and repair work


      • Alignment Bench Systems Guide

        Not sure which Car-O-Liner alignment bench is right for your body shop? Here is a quick overview of the functions and features of our benches: Quick 42, BenchRack, Mark 6 and Speed. At Car-O-Liner you’re sure to find the perfect bench to give you easy set-up, quick diagnosis and fast repairs – everything you need to increase your profits!

        With Car-O-Liner data service, Car-O-Data you receive immediate up-to-date information through the Internet or quarterly by DVD. Car-O-Data covers nearly all new and up-dated vehicle models. Through your local Car-O-Liner distributor you can sign up for Car-O-Data subscription which gives you immediate availability to new vehicle data through Car-O-Liner's VisionWeb Internet System.


        Alignment Bench Systems Guide