Spotters & Plasma Cutters

  • Aluminum Spotter

    For all types of sheet metal, including aluminium

    The Aluminum Spotter power source allows welding of stud bolts and miscellaneous accessories on all types of sheet metal, including aluminium.

    Welding using the spotter on aluminium requires a specific power source capable of delivering a discharge of current that is very brief but extremely intense, making it possible ”perforate” the layer of surface oxide and insulation without damaging the sheet metal below: this feature is achieved using capacitors.

    Weld stud bolts with diameters of up to 6 mm

    The Car-O-Liner Aluminium Spotter is capable of welding stud bolts of carbon steel and aluminium with diameters of up to 6 mm. The power source is supplied complete with gun and ground cable. Standard supplies also include a set of threaded rivets specifically intended for aluminium application, and threaded washers.


    Technical Data

    Aluminum Spotter

    • - Input Voltage - 230V, 50-60kHz, 1-ph
      - Absorbed Power - 0.6kW
      - Fuse Rating (slow blow) - 16A
      - Protection Class - IP23c
      - Weight - 8kg
      - Dimensions (W x H x L) - 150 x 220 x 320
  • CR35 Spotter

    Micro-Process controlled spotter

    The CR35 is a sophisticated micro-process controlled spotter for welding and traction of all studs, nails, washers, rivets and bolts.

    Technical Data

    • CR35 Spotter
      - Input Voltage - 230V, 50-60Hz,1-ph
      - Rated Power @ 50% - 2kVa
      - Max Power - 16kVa
      - Fuse Rating (slow blow) - 16A
      - Secondary No-Load Voltage - 7V
      - Secondary Short Circuit Current - 2.8kA
      - Duty Cycle - 5%
  • Plasma Cutter

    Accurate, clean, high-speed cutting

    Car-O-Liner's Plasma Cutter is the perfect cutting tool for all high-strength steels. With excellent cutting performance on thin sheet metal and high wear resistance for increased tool life you will realize greater efficiency in your workshop.


    Features & Benefits

    • - Ultimate Portability — Internal air compressor enables operation in environments where external compressed air is not available.
      - Continuous Output Control— Focus the arc for different material thickness
      - Fast — remove damaged parts fast and efficiently
      - Narrow cut line — no messy working edge
  • QP1 Dent Puller

    High Fequency Portable Spotter

    The Car-O-Liner QP-1 Dent Puller is a portable spotter that features a high frequency inverter for rapid welding and pulling, thereby reducing repair times. It is used in all repair jobs on car bodies to pull out and straighten dents, an indispensable tool for the modern car body repairer.

    The dent puller is compact, contains a built-in ground rod with automatic contact, and requires a minimum paint removal area of only 20mm in diameter, smaller than the size of a quarter.

    Features & Benefits

    • - High-Performance — pulls out dents on steel body panels with ease
      - Portable & Compact — technicians easily move around the workshop or take it on service calls
      - High-Frequency Inverter — for rapid welding and pulling
      - Minimum Paint Removal Area — only 20mm in diameter, smaller than the size of a quarter
      - Safe — built in grounding rod with automatic contact


    Technical Data

    • QP1 Dent Puller
      - Input Voltage - 230V, 50/60Hz
      - Input Power - 3.2kVa
      - Fuse(Delayed Action) - 16A
      - Protection Class - IP215
      - Output Voltage - 7V
      - Dimensions(L x W x H) - 420 x 180 x 110mm
                                                  16.5 x 7 x 4.4in
      - Weight - 2.9kg(6.5lbs)

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